An award-winning feature documentary film about the myths and legends of sunken treasure and shipwrecks off the coast of the French Canada's Magdalen Islands, and Leonard Clark, resident of the community of Old Harry, an English-speaking village in a francophone province.


Gregory B. Gallagher and Parafilms have produced a documentary film on the marine mysteries of the Magdalen Islands, the Québec archipelago in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, North America’s tempestuous inland saltwater sea. Over 700 sunken ships are documented by Leonard Clark and three generations of his family in the village of Old Harry.

Leonard is the ultimate amateur archaeologist; devoting his life to studying the history of the Magdalen Islands, the provenance of the legions of shipwrecks, and clues of sunken treasure forfeited by the sea. Along this singular path, Leonard Clark shares historical facts and sunken treasure lore with Mario Cyr, a local Madelinot and world-renowned underwater cameraman.

Today, history buffs, adventurers, and locals alike find numerous antique coins, wood relics, and other artefacts from centuries of European shipwrecks along the beaches of the Magdalen Islands. Our film delivers the narratives of both historical and living legends of these remote red-sand atolls!

Winner of the Royal Reel Award from the Canada International Film Festival, the StoryNet Documentary Film Challenge, and the Rogers Documentary Fund, the film is now part of the BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit, held in St.Petersburg, Florida, and Monaco in alternating years.


Special thanks to those that have supported this film...
Auberge La Salicorne, Pascan Aviation, Tourisme Québec, Québec Maritime, Leblanc Locations, and Tourisme Les Iles-de-la-Madeleine. A great BIG thank you to the funding support of the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network, and Heritage Canada.
Thank you to the Centre d'Archives régional des Îles, Musée de la mer and CFIM for their help.

Production : Parafilms
Excecutive Producer : Gregory B. Gallagher
Director : Sharif Mirshak
Director of Photography : Noé Sardet
Delegate Producer : Victorine Sentilhes
Production Assistant : Céline Lafrance
Music Composer : Romain Stugala
Musicians : Gregory Gallagher (flute, saxophone), Romain Strugala (piano),
Judy Hung (violin & viola), Phillip Hornsey (percussion)
Editor : Sharif Mirshak
Art direction, Illustration : Noé Sardet
Motion Designer : Sindre Ulvik Péladeau